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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Wilson William Lee death Oct 16, 1930 1g Jefferson Democrat
Wilson Kate death Dec 18, 1930 2d Jefferson Democrat
Windes Ida death Nov 13, 1930 2e Jefferson Democrat
Witte Clarence marriage Jan 16, 1930 3c Jefferson Democrat Margaret Pruneau
Wood John A. marriage Mar 6, 1930 1e Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Vivian DeVries
Wood John A. marriage Mar 13, 1930 3b Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Vivian DeVries; McMullin
Wright Daniel Paul marriage Jan 9, 1930 1b, 3a Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Mary Alma Doughty; McMullin; Castle
Wright David O. marriage Dec 25, 1930 1b, 3a Jefferson Democrat Thelma Irene Tulloch; McMullin
Yeida Charles other May 29, 1930 1a Jefferson Democrat Annia Kelley
Yenicek Frank death May 8, 1930 2b, 3d Jefferson Democrat Emma Stalley
Young L.P. marriage May 8, 1930 2b, 3a Jefferson Democrat Florence E. Tyrey; J.P. Young; McMullin
Zimmerman Emil J. death Oct 23, 1930 3b Jefferson Democrat
Zych Leo marriage Feb 6, 1930 1e Jefferson Democrat Marie Lineman