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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Abrams John marriage Mar 9, 1939 6d Jefferson Democrat Audrey L. Gibbs
Abrams William marriage Nov 6, 1913 1c Jefferson County Record Anna Lolies
Abrams George Lee marriage Jan 25, 1917 8b Jefferson County Record Alice H. Williams
Abrams Geo. Lee marriage Feb 1, 1917 1a Jefferson County Record Alice Henrietta Williams
Abrams Carl marriage Feb 1, 1917 1a Jefferson County Record Lydia M. Parsons
Abrams Annie & William divorce May 27, 1920 1e Jefferson County Record
Abrams George Lee marriage Mar 26, 1925 1d Jefferson County Record Nellie May Tesreau
Abrams John marriage Mar 9, 1939 5d Jefferson County Record Audrey L. Gibbs
Achley Tilden Elkins death Oct 30, 1919 1c, 4c Jefferson County Record Ackley
Achter Mrs. Henry D. death Mar 12, 1880 3a Jefferson Democrat
Achter Aug. marriage Jun 27, 1883 3a Jefferson Democrat Sarah E. Jeude
Achter August marriage Jul 4, 1883 3c Jefferson Democrat Sarah E. Ieude
Achter August marriage Jul 11, 1883 3f Jefferson Democrat Sarah Ieude; Edinger
Achter Karl C.J. marriage Dec 30, 1885 3c Jefferson Democrat Mina Schluter
Achter George & Sarah divorce May 26, 1886 3d Jefferson Democrat
Achter August marriage Sep 14, 1887 3b Jefferson Democrat Mary Schleuter
Achter August (girl) birth Oct 8, 1891 2e Jefferson Democrat
Achter Henry Dietrich death May 17, 1900 2b, 3g Jefferson Democrat Dorothea Wilhelmina Tegtmeyer
Achter Aug. F. & Sarah E. divorce Jun 13, 1901 3d Jefferson Democrat
Achter Ernest marriage Feb 22, 1912 3b Jefferson Democrat Sophia Schmitt