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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Zuern Henry death Jul 4, 1888 3b Jefferson Democrat Wolf; Mockbee
Zuern Pauline (father) death Feb 13, 1913 2c Jefferson Democrat Jewett
Zuern William death Feb 6, 1913 1b Jefferson County Record
Zufall John (boy) birth Jun 30, 1886 3f Jefferson Democrat
Zufall John A. marriage Jun 11, 1903 2b, 3b Jefferson Democrat Jennie E. Bradford
Zufall Katie death Jan 29, 1920 3c Jefferson Democrat
Zufall Ben marriage Feb 27, 1936 5g Jefferson Democrat Ollie Ridenour
Zufall John death Aug 26, 1920 1b Jefferson County Record Catherine Keisler
Zufall John Rolla marriage Oct 8, 1925 1e Jefferson County Record Sephine Margaret Poncet; Rogers; Bradford Trunk
Zuker Gottlieb (Tony) other Feb 9, 1911 2c Jefferson Democrat
Zula William marriage Dec 31, 1931 1b Jefferson Democrat Doris Thomasine Jane
Zulpo Tony marriage Jul 14, 1938 4a Jefferson Democrat Willie Murphy
Zumalt Mr. marriage Sep 16, 1920 2c Jefferson Democrat Ada Eula Drinen
Zumalt Aubrey marriage Jan 20, 1921 3b Jefferson Democrat Ada E. Drinen
Zumalt Arbury marriage Jan 27, 1921 3b Jefferson Democrat Ada Drinnen
Zumalt Ambry marriage Jan 20, 1921 1d Jefferson County Record Ada E. Drinen
Zumberger Henry probate Sep 16, 1869 1a Jefferson Democrat Frost
Zumwalt Aubry marriage Jan 28, 1921 1b Jefferson County Record Ada E. Drinen
Zurick C.F.W. marriage Sep 9, 1881 3b Jefferson Democrat A.E. Galister
Zweifel Harvey, Jr. marriage Nov 28, 1940 5f Jefferson Democrat Mary Love