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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Workman William marriage Mar 21, 1912 3c Jefferson Democrat Kate Shelley
Workman Charles L. marriage May 9, 1935 1a Jefferson Democrat Emma Leach
Worman William & Louisa divorce May 25, 1911 3d Jefferson Democrat
Wormsley Monroe marriage Jul 4, 1940 4d Jefferson Democrat Marjorie Pyle
Worrels William marriage Sep 5, 1889 3b Jefferson Democat Jennie Taylor
Worscheim A. marriage May 23, 1912 1a Jefferson County Record
Worschem Al marriage Jan 11, 1912 1c Jefferson County Record Genevieve Paliner
Worschim Al (girl) birth Nov 21, 1912 2e Jefferson Democrat
Worschim Al (girl) birth Nov 21, 1912 1c Jefferson County Record
Worsnop Rev. John W. death Jul 3, 1924 3b Jefferson Democrat
Worthan Robert Allen marriage Dec 3, 1925 1e Jefferson County Record Edna Adams
Worthing Ruth Foster (girl) birth Mar 29, 1917 1f Jefferson County Record Slawson
Worthman William & Louisa divorce Jan 18, 1912 2b Jefferson Democrat
Worthnan Wm. marriage Mar 28, 1912 1b Jefferson County Record Kate Shelley
Wortman William & Louisa divorce Jun 1, 1911 3f Jefferson Democrat
Wortmann William marriage Jun 25, 1908 3c Jefferson Democrat Louise Way
Wortmann William marriage Jul 2, 1908 3b Jefferson Democrat Louise Way; Osterwald
Wrase Shirley Ann death Feb 14, 1929 1c Jefferson County Record Frazier
Wray Winifred marriage Nov 10, 1932 3a Jefferson Democrat Grace Mohler
Wren Albert E. marriage Nov 3, 1910 3b, f Jefferson Democrat Laura L. Carll; Stone