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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Wood James R. other May 9, 1918 3c Jefferson Democrat Forwilde Huskey; McFarland
Wood William J. other Dec 19, 1918 3a Jefferson Democrat
Wood Wm. Jeptha marriage Jul 3, 1919 2c Jefferson Democrat Frances Mabel Dunn
Wood Richard A. marriage Apr 21, 1921 2c Jefferson Democrat Lena A. Fickert
Wood John A. marriage Mar 6, 1930 1e Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Vivian DeVries
Wood John A. marriage Mar 13, 1930 3b Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Vivian DeVries; McMullin
Wood Roy Lee marriage Jan 16, 1936 8b Jefferson Democrat Zola Johnston
Wood John marriage Aug 13, 1936 8a Jefferson Democrat Lorene Reddick
Wood Everett marriage Jun 14, 1917 1a, 4b Jefferson County Record Helen Schenck; Miller; Ward; Scheuck
Wood Wm. Jeptha marriage Jul 3, 1919 1d Jefferson County Record Frances Mabel Dunn
Wood Richard A. marriage Apr 28, 1921 1b Jefferson County Record Lena A. Fickert
Wood M. W. marriage Mar 20, 1924 1e Jefferson County Record Mary Mueller
Wood J. A. death Jul 21, 1905 5d The Weekly Republican
Wood James R. other Sep 7, 1906 3f Jefferson County Republican William Meyers
Woodard Cal marriage May 18, 1933 1e Jefferson Democrat Edith Huskey
Woodcock Marion L. marriage Jun 17, 1897 3f Jefferson Democrat Annie Hensel
Woodcock Jesse marriage May 12, 1898 3e Jefferson Democrat Emma J. Hansel
Woodcock John B. death Apr 6, 1916 3d Jefferson Democrat
Woodland Robert A. marriage Aug 27, 1896 3d Jefferson Democrat Martha J. Thornton
Woodland Emory marriage Sep 11, 1902 3b, c Jefferson Democrat Jennie Huskey