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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Yates Charles B. marriage Jun 22, 1906 1h The Weekly Republican Myrtle L. Wallace
Yeager Charles (girl) birth Aug 29, 1883 3b Jefferson Democrat
Yeager Amelia death Jun 24, 1885 2b Jefferson Democrat
Yeager Charley (girl) birth Mar 10, 1886 3b Jefferson Democrat
Yeager Charles (boy) birth Apr 7, 1886 2c Jefferson Democrat
Yeager Joe other Jan 30, 1889 2d Jefferson Democrat
Yeager Joseph other Mar 6, 1889 3b Jefferson Democrat Henry Stelbrink
Yeager Jerome marriage Nov 18, 1937 5b Jefferson Democrat Naomi Brison
Yeager Geo. W. marriage Oct 5, 1922 1c Jefferson County Record Lillian Shannon
Yeager Lawrence death Aug 8, 1929 5c Jefferson County Record
Yeargain Loretta death Oct 1, 1903 3b Jefferson Democrat Bean
Yeargain Ivan W. marriage Jan 10, 1924 3e Jefferson Democrat Lillian E. Kelley
Yeargain Joseph E. marriage Jun 25, 1931 1a, 3b Jefferson Democrat Edna Ruede; McMullin
Yearguin Ivan W. marriage Jan 10, 1924 1b Jefferson County Record Lillian E. Kelley
Yeatress Harry other Aug 30, 1923 3b Jefferson Democrat
Yeida Eliza Catherine (girl) birth Dec 17, 1884 3e Jefferson Democrat
Yeida John marriage Nov 19, 1891 3c Jefferson Democrat Mary Kerknoff
Yeida Charles W. marriage Dec 17, 1896 2b Jefferson Democrat M. Pauline Meyer
Yeida Charles W. marriage Dec 24, 1896 2b, 3f Jefferson Democrat M. Pauline Meyer
Yeida Margaret death Apr 16, 1903 3c Jefferson Dmeocrat