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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Wolf Ralph marriage Aug 31, 1911 5b Jefferson County Record Eleanor Muller
Wolf girl birth Jul 15, 1915 1a Jefferson County Record
Wolfangel Wm. marriage Sep 2, 1897 3d Jefferson Democrat Mary Rieser
Wolfangel Jacob other Jun 5, 1902 3d Jefferson Democrat
Wolfangel George marriage Apr 20, 1911 3c Jefferson Democrat Katie Overbeck
Wolfangel Frank marriage Jan 28, 1915 3c Jefferson Democrat Christine Averbeck
Wolfangel Christina & Frank divorce Jan 29, 1920 2a Jefferson Democrat
Wolfangel Geo other Jun 16, 1921 3b Jefferson Democrat
Wolfangel Frank marriage Sep 15, 1932 4g Jefferson Democrat Goldie Harmon
Wolfangel Evelyn death May 3, 1934 3c Jefferson Democrat
Wolfangel George marriage Nov 28, 1935 5g, 8d Jefferson Democrat Nora Purtle; McMullin
Wolfangel George, Sr. death Oct 13, 1938 5b Jefferson Democrat
Wolfangel Geo. marriage Apr 20, 1911 1d Jefferson County Record katie Overbeck
Wolfangel Frank marriage Jan 28, 1915 1e Jefferson County Record Christina Averbeck
Wolfangel Frank other Apr 26, 1917 8c Jefferson County Record
Wolfangel Christina & Frank divorce Feb 4, 1920 4b Jefferson County Record
Wolfangle Frank marriage Feb 4, 1915 2c Jefferson Democrat Christina Averbeck; Telle
Wolfangle Frank marriage Feb 4, 1915 4c JEfferson County Record Christina Averbeck; Telle
Wolfe Lucille Goddard other May 13, 1926 4b Jefferson County Record
Wolfe Walter H. death Jan 17, 1929 1d, e, 4c Jefferson County Record Wills; Carrie Waldorf; Goddard