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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Wittman Adolf (girl) birth Nov 12, 1884 3f Jefferson Democrat
Wittrain Mrs. A.M. other Aug 26, 1885 3b Jefferson Democrat Dutro
Wittram Lillie other Jun 2, 1882 3b Jefferson Democrat Bucher
Wittram Lillie other Sep 29, 1882 3a Jefferson Democrat Addie Barron
Wittram Mrs. other Feb 23, 1887 3c Jefferson Democrat Detro
Wittram Geo. marriage Sep 29, 1892 3c Jefferson Democrat Ida hamel
Wittram George (girl) birth Jun 22, 1893 3c Jefferson Democrat
Wittram Geo. H. (girl) birth Jun 29, 1893 3f Jefferson Democrat
Wittram Lilly Marie death Oct 26, 1893 3b, c(2) Jefferson Democrat
Wittram George (boy) birth Nov 29, 1894 3b Jefferson Democrat
Wittram Mrs. other Mar 6, 1902 2d Jefferson Democrat Bruhn
Wittram George (girl) other Jun 27, 1918 3b Jefferson Democrat
Wittram Francis other Sep 28, 1922 3a Jefferson Democrat Lily Booth
Wittram Anna M. death Sep 5, 1929 1b, 3b Jefferson Democrat Dutro; Booth
Wittram Anna Maria death Sep 12, 1929 3c Jefferson Democrat Dutro; Booth
Wittram Anna M. death Oct 31, 1929 1a Jefferson Democrat
Wittram Anna M. other Aug 6, 1925 1e, f Jefferson County Record
Wittram Francis death Nov 7, 1925 4a, 5b Jefferson County Record Booth
Wittram George H. death Jul 5, 1928 1a Jefferson County Record
Wittram Anna Maria death Sep 5, 1929 1f Jefferson County Record Dutro; Stansbury; Booth; Hardesty; Barron; Raithel; Wolfrom